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This site will help you track your cars fuel consumption over time.

The idea is that you type in distance between refuelings, the fuel volume and the price each time you fill up your car. You can choose to input your data in either KM and Liters or Miles and Gallons, and you can get the fuel consumption shown as either KM/L, L/100KM or MPG.

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We're currently in beta, so you may expirience bugs, spellings mistakes and other oddities.. The best way to test things though, is to use them! :o) If you do come across something you think could be better, please contact us so we can improve the site.

The site has been designed to work on mobile phones, so it's easy to enter data right when you get back in your car at the gas station.

When you've collected some data, it'll be presented in a simple and informative format:

You have a full overview of the averages and individual fuelings, and a graph that quickly shows if your fuel economy is getting better or worse.

It's easy to manage multiple cars on the site, you use the same login for all of them and just select the appropriate one when you're entering data. The statistics are of course individual to each car too.

Your data is private, so others will only be able to see your cars fuel consumption if you choose to make it public. In the future it'll also be possible to compare your cars fuel consumption with other cars of the same model (when there's enough data on the model).
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